Hi to all

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Hi to all

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Evening All new member , Gra
Wasn’t aware of the club until I saw a flyer at Gloucester retro car show last weekend
Located in Gloucester
Currently running 1965 GMC truck ,fleet side long bed , took a while to get on the road , used every weekend , runs and drives like a 57 year old farm truck ,but pretty much looks all original, nothing
has been molested with

Also have a 1985 Pontic Fiero with Ferrari dino body kit ,built in the us , imported by London motor museum was an extra in a X men movie , owned last 9 years , locked away until it becomes 40 years old
Would add photos but can’t work out how to do it with an iPad
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Re: Hi to all

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Welcome to the club and the forum. Forum is a bit slow at the moment, but the club is doing well. We have loads of plans for the future
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