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Importing American Autos to the UK

Before you do anything, our suggestion would be to look at the DVLA website as their section on importing a vehicle is a useful guide to set you on the path that will suit you best, i.e. do you want a new or near new or will your choice be over 10 years old.

O K you find your car.

There are shipping agents in the major docks like 'Wainwrights' in Southampton; these will give you information on shipping agents in the areas you wish to ship from in the states. The agent you chose will tell you what paperwork you need to supply them for them to arrange the export of your vehicle from the states & in some cases they will deliver the vehicle to the docks for you.

Once the vehicle is on the way your British agent will contact you with details of expected arrival and the papers you will need to complete for customs etc. They will advise on when the vehicle should be cleared by customs they will also draw up the papers for customs (Import duty) and for VAT.

After you arrange collection you then have to go about preparing the car for SVA if required then MOT if required following this is the easy bit - insure the vehicle and register!

We have not elaborated on the conversion work required as this varies from make to make, model to model and age of the vehicle. However the majority of the work is probably going to be the conversion of the lighting system, as most American cars outshine European specs.

This guide is not definitive and is by no means exhaustive - take this information more as a general introduction into Importation & make sure that you visit the DVLA website (click to go straight to the 'Importing' section)

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