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Laurence Davies' Lincoln

Lincoln, always the top end of the Ford range, built luxury saloons from 1930. The MK, s models appeared around the late 50's. You can normally recognize a Lincoln by the hump in the boot lid, where most people think the spare wheel is housed. The MK 8 is the last to have this hump.

Normally they have the Mustang 4.6 modular V8 4 cam 32 value engine in them with an added 10 BHP over the base V8 Mustang making it a 280 BHP. This is an all alloy engine with heads and an alloy hood to keep the weight down. It rides on an air suspension system that is put in expensive European cars. The alloy wheels are a work of art. As with Lincoln's its full of every electrical gadget you can think off, with computers telling you everything in imperial and metric. 

My T-Bird I used daily was getting a bit old and as I use my car daily I wanted something different on the road. It took me a year to find this Lincoln and I'm quite pleased with it. I bought it from another AAC member on E-bay from Newton Abbot. It does share a lot in common with the T-Bird so working on it is not too bad. Even for it's weight it is very fast and on kick down it will take your breath away. It's smooth and quiet and will pull a caravan without any trouble.

Laurence Davies, member 426

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