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My First Dragster

Well Scorched Earth was the final name of my dragster ( see photos ) a buddy and I built, He had painted the name 'Graveyard Train', but I didn't think that appropriate considering the speed we were going to do in it.

The Slingshot Dragster we built was back in England in the late fifties. It has the flathead Mercury engine with three deuces and ran on Methanol ( we had to rebuild the engine after every fourth run due to the ravages of the Methanol fuel. It only had rear drum brakes and a 'chute to stop us. "Slick' tires weren't readily available back then and would have costs us an arm and a leg to buy anyway. We did the next best thing, worn out truck tires. We raced at Santa Pod Dragway when it was in it's early stages of becoming the "in" place for dragging, we also did some at Blackebushe airfield, near Camberley. Where the dragster is now I have no idea but we sure had fun......Enjoy! Dr. John 


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