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CS6 Mustang Pony Convertible Special Edition

It has rear sequential brake and signal lights, center acrylic blackout piece, and chrome lens surrounds. The exhaust is stainless steel throughout with no mufflers ( silencers ) what it does have is 14" stainless polished steel tailpipes straight through design with just a 1/4 of an inch fiberglass pad sandwiched between and inner and outer surface to absorb the sound ( yeah right! )

It has a hood air scoop and side cove air scoops plus special running horse graphics slightly above the rocker panels. The racing stripes on the hood are also connected to fader stripes going down the side of the fenders ( wings ). Special aluminum 18" wheels with 'Z' rated high speed tires.

 The engine is a V6 Carroll Shelby intercooler/supercharged and rated at 350+ hp together with a 5 speed automatic tiptronic 'T' handle shifter. It has solar energy tinted glass all round. Custom brake and accelerator pedals, cruise control, power steering, power brakes, power windows, power seats, power top, tilt steering, air conditioning, cruise control, intermittent wipers/washers. 18" shorty radio antenna ( aerial ) color coded to car. 1965 Mustang GT style grill with outboard spotlights. Billet custom horizontal bar lower grill insert.

The interior is special to me and is made out of silver wire real carbon fiber. It has the usual radio refinements an AM 1 & 2, FM 1 & 2 and multi disk CD player with 6 speaker sound system. Heavy duty shocks and suspension with traction bars front and back plus traction control on all four wheels.

It is painted in Performance White, black graphics, and black folding top with heated glass rear window. The personal license plate says I GOT YA...and is my daily driver.

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