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1985 Mercury Marquis In NYPD Black and White livery

6 O'clock - alarm goes off, I roll over as usual - Wifey gives me a gentle shake, saying, 'time to get up hubby'. Oh yeah !!! takes a few seconds for it to register ! Car to get !!!

 I roll over again - don't want to get up, five minutes maybe ...about 6.15 I manage to get out of bed, I didn't realize there was 6 in the morning too !!! Anyhow, get's up. makes wifey a cuppa. Light the stove, get's me addresses sorted, counts the money...

6.46 ... out I go, without a car !!, walk to the 'bus stop' ?? ooh - there is one each side of the road ???? ( we are near the end of the loop ) which one goes to town ?? Luckily there was another sad insomniac waiting at a bus stop, we agreed this is where it's at if you need to get to town. Bus comes on time - cool ! aint been on one of these since school days !!! 1 pound 10 to town .. Get's a seat. not too bad this public transport! Soon I discover, lucky I'm not in a hurry cuz the bus keeps stopping and gives a lift to anyone it see's along the way !!!

 Anyway , gets to the train station plenty of time. gets me ticket and I'm off ... 1st stop brum. Wow these trains have changed !!! off we go, and it's soooo smooth. like air shoks or sumin! Brum comes and I swap to the chester train and get of in stockport. It's now 10am, the next train I need is 10.30 to knutsford, and its snowing!!! brrrrr - 1st waiting room full!, then there is a ladies room??? two ladies in there, seems like just another waiting room, but ladies only ??? whats going on!!!! - so - freeze me bits off for half an hour and the train comes.

 That's more like it .. it's like a bus on tracks. gets on and off we go. Thats how I remember it ... bumpy, shake about from side to side . So 11am I arrive at knutsford, and the guy is waiting to pick me up, on the way we stop at the post office and get some tax, then off to see the car, it's out in the sticks but we get there eventualy. wow - big grin - that's my new car .

 Looks as descibed, he starts it up - sound as described! So we do the money thing and paperwork stuff. In I get - 'oh' colomn shift, I look aroung the controls a bit pretending I have seen one before figured it out and managed to get the gears sorted. Off i go. 1st stop the gas station!!! - Puts 20 quid in, have a look see if the tank is leaking - seem ok.

 Off i set following the signs for the M6. Every now and then the is this strange sound from the right hand side , like scraping or catching. I got out and had a quick look , but couldnt see anything out of order so off I went. Once up to speed on the M6 all went well ( for a while ! ). I start to notice people passing with thier phone out - videoing - !!! With the firebird, it was the kids that were gobsmaked and loved it, but this sheriff car seem to atttract the attention of the older (our) generation. Lots of thumbs up and lights flashed !!!

 Getting towards home and it's about an hour before I need to pick my daughter up from school, so text wifey and tell her I will pick her up on the way to the pub - She loves it - so did the folks at the pub ;-) Quick pint, then wifey home, and off to get daughter from school. Now, she didn't know anything about this car . So I wait outside school. Lots of kids shouting - wow NYPD look at that etc etc. daughter comes out ... not impressed at all!!! actual words - she thought it was a taxi!!! oh well - kids hey ! Lots of attention on the way home makes her warn to the idea !!, so by the time we get home she loves it too !!

We are home - I love the car. lectric windows, lectric seat !!! caught me by surprise, I thought it was the window control - oops ! Seat forward, backward, up, down, side to side ... great ... except I couldn't figure out how to get it back to a normal driving position...Couldn't find the switch for the blue lights :-( - It'd been a long day, and I settled down with a few drinks, I'm ready for bed!

 Rich AKA Tusses
 AAC-UK Number 685

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