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86 chrysler fifth avenue with a 318 V8 (5.2 liter)

I bought the car about a year ago from a guy in south wales, its an 86 chrysler fifth avenue with a 318 V8 (5.2 liter). I live on the east coast of Lincolnshire so it was a 7 hour train journey to pick it up (unseen) and a five hour drive back. Bodywise the car was exactly as described, a few dings and bits of rust here and there. Although it drove back ok the engine ran like a bag of you know what!.

Many hours and skinned knuckles later, she now runs well. its a California car so I had to get rid of all the emission stuff, the air injection, the egr system etc etc. new timing chain and gears, a bit of work on the brakes and it will now keep up with the rest of them! Its my daily driver (actually its my ONLY driver!) and gives around 20mpg round town.

I've had the rear springs retempered and the aircon job is the bodywork and interior.I have also managed to pick up a brand new grille surround and headlamp surrounds with new sidelights...not fitted yet though.

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